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Andrew... I have to say that I don't have the pdf, but will say that the color schemer has become one of my essential working tools in web design. In fairness, it is probably not something that you will be using during the whole design process, but more in the initial stages when either you, by yourself, or alongside your client, will be looking to get a basic colour scheme set up. Don't forget that the colour scheme of a site is not just the structure which holds the content, but also part of the colour coordination for your text, links, special headings etc.

The color schemer is the perfect tool to create a harmonious "colour board" - designers often create a board like this by doing a sort of composite - a collage if you like - of splashes of colour, scraps of materials of all kinds, magazine clippings etc... which is a way of doing a sort of colour and texture "brainstorming" to aid their imagination and sense of design.

Personally - if the job in hand is for a client, I ask if they have a company logo or other kind of corporate image or set of colours - even just a business card helps. If I am being allowed to run riot - I pull out an image from my personal collection which in some way - often metaphorically - makes me think of the new site theme or content. I then open this image in the schemer and just randomly pick colours - usually using the full ten which the photo colour schemer can select - and just move the selection points around until I find a scheme which is harmonious and pleasing to the eye. When I am happy I just click on the add to scheme so that all my preferred colours are saved.

Only after experimenting with these colours in the web site will I be sure if I have made the right choices. It is usually the link colours which need some kind of adjustment for all 4 phases of the link... the link, hover, active and visited. So I just go back to my original picture in the color schemer and try out a couple of different colours, probably by using the colour mixer in the schemer.

And if you are thinking of using blocks of colour in your web pages, the web page tester is great because not only can you drag colour into the different areas of the page - you can also drag colours onto the actual text to text the colour contrast for accessibility and easy reading.

I don't use all the CC applications all the time, but I really don't know where I would be without the Color Schemer and the HTML Editor!

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