Web Typography Handbook (PDF)

Web Typography Handbook

Format: PDF - 54 pages
Author: CoffeeCup Software
Published: Dec 16, 2008

Note: You need Acrobat Reader to read PDF files.

A great way to make your website stand out is to use creative fonts in your headings and accents. In fact, the right font can say almost as much about your content as the text itself. However, like anything else, it’s best to know a bit about web fonts before you use them, instead of throwing them around willy-nilly.

That’s where the CoffeeCup Web Typography Handbook comes in. Prepare to make ugly website text a thing of the past with these simple, step-by-step directions on how to spice up your web typography with the help of CoffeeCup sIFR Font Maker, Website Font, and Direct FTP. The guide also includes several helpful Web Page Design For Designers articles covering everything from choosing web-safe typefaces to using CSS to improve text readability to utilizing minifonts. It’s everything you need to know about web fonts in one awesome handbook.

As with every book there are a few errors. We have outlined them in the errata. Thank you to all the people that pointed these out.