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It’s a Free Web Form — Yay! (Say what?)

A form on the web is way easier to use than those things you fill out with a pencil. At least, that’s how it should be. Just like the real world, the web is has a few good (and a lot of bad) forms.

Good web forms are easy to understand and unambiguous. By providing a clear structure, meaningful feedback, and logical workflow, it’s like they take the form-filler by the hand, leading them to successfully submit the form in a natural way. (Our Web Form Design Guide holds the secrets for good, effective forms.)

We used the same knowledge and experience when developing our brand new HTML Web Form Builder. Since its release, people have been raving about its awesomeness and friendliness. This free app even takes care of all the form hosting and processing automagically. Go ahead, take it for a free spin!

Rather use your own server? Then check out the full version.

Simply put, it’s the ultimate web form app — our customers agree…

I used your web forms and S-Drive and the experience was borderline geek p*rn. Every bit of information I need to get was done, and downloading the results into Excel allowed me to massage the data for the information I needed.

David W.

This is the best form builder on the market… The S-Drive form overview is friendly and easy for clients to review and download the results. Thank you CoffeeCup team.

Gene Borman
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Amazing Web Form Themes

Web Forms are Everywhere

Forms facilitate two-way communication on the Internet, giving your audience a voice. Engage them. Challenge them. Ask them. Have fun with them. Forms spark interaction, resulting in feedback, information, and yes, even cash.

Planning a party? Create an RSVP form to collect contact information and donations or contributions. Or learn from responses to a survey. Use order forms to generate money. Invite people to join a contest or giveaway. Forms are the key to all of this, but they’ve gotta be flexible, too. And that’s where free forms made with Web Form Builder Lite come in.

Build a Web Form in Minutes

This App Knows How to Build

If you haven’t created a form in Web Form Builder Lite yet, you’re missing out. It’s fun to choose the options you want, pick a theme, and tweak settings until the form does exactly what you need. Oh, and it’s easy, too.

Drag and drop form elements into place, then adjust each one’s size, color, labels, and a whole spectrum of properties that give you ultimate control over the way your form works. Use your logo or change the form header to your exact liking.

Publish Your Form to The Web

Take Your Form to The Web

Ready to start collecting info? Just enter your CoffeeCup account information and your form can be published and live in your own reserved web space. It doesn’t matter if the form’s not up to snuff yet, because you can always just publish again at any time, overwriting the old form.

The program will give you a link to the full-page version of your form, which looks great no matter which theme you’ve chosen or how you’ve styled your form. Share this link with others for testing, feedback, or general use.

Embed Your Form on Any Website

Put Forms Where You Want

You can put your form on any webpage, blog, or forum on the web (if it accepts HTML). Just use the Copy Code button that’s shown when you publish, then paste the code wherever you want your form to appear.

No matter where you put your form, the form results are collected and stored automatically — along with some compiled stats that tell you how your form is doing.

Set Payment Options and Start Making Money

Make Money with Your Forms

Form Builder can generate cash, too. It just takes a moment to set up and deck out your form with the stuff you want to make money from. Then sit back and watch the money roll in.

Create an order form for t-shirts and let buyers choose their own color, size, and printed words. Accept donations and let the visitor pick their own price. The possibilities are just endless.

Take your choice of the most popular payment providers, like PayPal, Authorize.Net, and 2Checkout. Or simply email an invoice and let the buyer pay later.

Views, Stats, Submits, and More

Views, Starts, and Submits

Your form is live on the web, and people are filling it out left and right. Where are the results going? To the Dashboard, of course!

Seriously, just log in to your CoffeeCup account to see the results. You don’t have to set anything up. It just works!

All your active forms are listed there, along with statistics that report how many visitors viewed your form, how many started filling it out, and how many submitted it. These stats tell you how your forms are used — and which ones are the most successful.

View Your Form Results

The End: Your Form Results

When you click a form, you’ll see a summary of all of its submissions and a brief overview of the results for each. When you click a submission, you’ll see an expanded view of all the information that was entered.

See how easy that is? All you had to do was have a little fun building the form, and it was totally free, too. (Haven’t started yet? Click here to pick a plan and begin.)

Form Builder Facts:

Wise Web Forms

Web Form Builder is founded in experience. It’s the reincarnation of an incredibly popular form builder we made years ago, incorporating everything we always wanted but never quite included. With experience like that, you know you’re getting the best form machine on the planet.

Mailing Lists

Collect visitor information and compile mailing lists using Web Form Builder’s powerful mail integration fueled by MailChimp. A quick setup adds contact information from your form to your email campaigns. You can even manage unsubscribe notices straight from the form.

Full Control

The full version of Web Form Builder has all the same features, but allows you to use your own server. Sure, S-Drive is way easier, but if you want to upload all your form’s files to your own server and save data to your own text file or database, the full version will hook you up.

Contact Lists

Have more than one department that needs to be served by a single form? Use contact lists to route the form results to the right place. Assign each list option its own email address, so when the form is submitted, the correct person or department is notified immediately.

What an amazing web app, huh?

Download the free version for Windows or OS X!