Get in-depth performance information about your website.

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For Windows and OSX

Comprehensive data on how your web page is performing.

Configurable scanning options allowing you to decide how your page is viewed.

Test and compare websites to see how they react on any device.

Improve SEO and page analytics by the same time you optimize your site.

Stats at a Glance

Sonar goes deep - really deep - into a website and transmits back a comprehensive overview with instant data on your sites performance. This extremely helpful data includes the number of file requests being made by the server, their size in reference to page load speeds, plus a summary checklist that provides tips for improving your metrics.

Pages are automatically scanned using all major devices like Nexus, iPad, iPhone, and Android. The viewport selector dropdown lets you examine the data from each system. This means you’ll no longer need to get your hands on every device or use pricey subscription services to review and test pages.

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Performance Matters!

Statistics show that nearly half of all web users have encountered slow page load times or worse, a website that crashes their browser. And over 53% of mobile users aborted websites after 3 seconds if they fail to load. Consumers want a speedy and error free experience. Giving the viewer anything less and you’ll risk them moving on to your competitors.

Get stats on how content is loaded in a browser and pinpoint what items are taking the most time to download.

Website Speed

How does your site stack up?

Not all devices handle data the exact same way. Using the History of Performance you can compare metrics by speed, time and requests between different device viewports.

Having the ability to look at the page from different scan dates and device viewports will aid you in determining if the changes you have made are doing well (or not so well).

Site Stack Up

Analyze data on any viewport

Site loading speeds can vary greatly across device types. One of the biggest causes of this are high-resolution images. While these types of files might be perfect for desktop users who’ll have access to faster downloading speeds, these data-munching images are not so ideal for mobile users.

Review how your images load across devices and determine if any viewports would benefits from smaller lightweight alternatives. You can even compare multiple viewports at the same time, providing an even larger overview of your site!


Sonar will put you on the road to success with a comprehensive list of tips and suggestions for improving load time, file size, and overall user experience. Helps your SEO too - whoo hoo! As we all know, ranking well, brings in business.

Organized into 2 suggestion types, “Should fix” and “Consider fixing”, these tips will aid you in what you should address.

Positive reinforcement allows to you to see what you are doing right, so we have also included some “Looks good” kudos within the Tips section.

Sonar Tips

Customizable Viewports

There are several default viewports to start off with. These come from a few of the most used devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Nexus. But not all websites are the same dimensions. With customizable settings, you can easily adjust them to fit your website needs.

The ability to customize viewports you are interested in is paramount, which is why we included the option to edit them.


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