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S-Drive Streams

Update from Anywhere

Now you can engage your visitors with live updates! Send text, photos, videos, or anything you can think of straight to your Stream, either embedded in a webpage or on its own. There’s no better way to keep your website current while at home or on-the-go.

Use the in-browser Stream editor if you’re at a computer, or send an email to to update your Stream from a mobile phone.

Works Great With

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our award winning HTML Editor which can help you modify all your Stream posts.

Now for just $29.00 !
Post on the Go
Get out of your chair and enjoy instant photo and blog posting to your Sites from any device with an Internet connection.
It’s easy to let friends, family, and colleagues post, too. There’s no faster way to share what you’re up to!
Keep ‘em Coming
Streams are a great way to get people to your site and keep them coming back. Plus, you can embed them on any webpage.
Overview Streams
Post to your heart’s content and let the instant stats tell you what’s popular.