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S-Drive Shops

One-click hosting for your Shop

There’s no better place to open your store. Shops gives you a comfortable web space dedicated to e-commerce without cutting corners on power. Just use the one-click publishing feature in Shopping Cart Creator and you’re in business.

You also get a wealth of glorious statistics that show you what’s happening with your store in real time. Just publish, sit back, and watch what happens. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn about your customers—and your money.

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Shopping Cart Creator is the easiest way to create a compelling web shop in minutes.

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Ease of Publication
There’s no configuration needed. Just publish your online store to S-Drive and your shop is guaranteed to work.
Track Your Stats
Watch in real time as your customers view products and add items to their cart—then see what they purchase.
Look Back in Time
The dashboard view lets you look back over 24 hours or 30 days to see unique visitors, product views, and more.
Overview Shops
Keep up with orders in the transaction log so you can ship ‘em out on time.