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Responsive Content Slider helps to build stellar rotating visual experiences. From simple, clean photo slideshows — to more advanced, detailed presentations.

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Not the average template-bound photo slider.


Not just for pictures! Tell a story by combining text, buttons, overlays and more.

No template restrictions. Full design freedom on an open canvas.

Embed attention-grabbing slides anywhere. Or let them shine on their own.

The only slide designer featuring a viewport slider and custom breakpoints.

Crazy cool animations and effects

Bounce in down

Flip in x

Rotate this in

Slide in right

Zoom in

Stretch and loose

Bounce in up

Fall off

Flip out y

Zoom out

Bounce out down

Roll out

Fade down

Light speed out

Over 44 customizable animations.

For individual slides & elements...


Created by CoffeeCup.
For you to impress with!

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Responsify everything...

Slideshow presentation created with, and powered by Responsive Content Slider 

Responsive Content Slider

For Windows and OSX

Capture the visitor's attention

Buttons, text elements, font-icons, videos and other elements, can be used to create cool animated story lines. With Responsive Content Slider you're not restricted to just images. Also, all content is indexable and searchable — the search engines will love you for it!

Stare in disbelief at this video

Create responsive, searchable, and accessible slideshows. Use custom animations and transitions to increase engagement and support interactions. Content sliders are the new hipsters and for good reason. They're soo gonna click that button…

See the proof in the intro video and learn more about the differences between content and photo sliders right here »

Responsive Themes

Custom content slides in minutes

Slideshows look cool and are great at grabbing the viewers attention. Create product presentations, promotion notices, news highlights, event summaries, portfolio overviews, or direct visitors to key-locations.

Use custom loops and speeds to play your story.

Custom content slides in minutes

Full design control. No coding

Craft authentic messages for each individual slide. Use pictures, text, fonts, buttons, icons and more to convert viewers into clickers.

Perfect for simple picture-based slide shows. Or layer it up and use the various content elements and powerful design tools to create interactive experiences that are out of this world.

Full design control. No coding

Animate Anything

Select from slick prebuilt animations or define your own.

To create custom animations simply select a slide or element and choose from 44+ possible move in and out effects. Play with timing and delays on appearing and disappearing slides, text, buttons, images, overlays and more.

Thirsty for animated action? Get a taste »

Animate Anything

Deliver the appropriate image

On a fast connection a significant image payload isn’t a big deal. But on mobile devices or slower networks, images are often the main bottleneck when it comes to website performance. Being slowed down and paying costly bandwidth fees, only to be presented with big images intended for giant monitors is just wrong.

This is solved by the brand new HTML picture element, included in Responsive Content Slider. It’s as simple as changing an image at a breakpoint for a smaller version. For each associated display width, only the specified image will be downloaded, creating a fast and frustration free experience for big and small screens alike.

Deliver the appropriate image

View and adjust the design at any width

Create slideshows that impress on any screen — mobile to ginormous. Adjust heights, sizes, positions and anything else that is needed to create an optimal user experience at every pixel along the way.


The viewport slider is instrumental in creating presentations that look great on any screen. Need to make adjustments at any point? Simply add a breakpoint and change any style, from width to contrast.


100% customizable themes

Included are gorgeous themes that you can turn inside out until it's your unique production. No template restrictions. No design limitations. Just 100% creativity.

Responsive Themes

More cool features

Configurable element properties

Customize styles for every element.

States for interactive elements

Add interactive mouse over effects.

Drag-and-drop useful elements

Choose from a plethora of elements — drop' em in.


Use the DOM-tree as an extra element navigator.

Preview with a single click

Preview, export and publish with a single click.

Embed everywhere

Embed into any website. Yep, RSD, Wordpress, Joomla and everywhere else.

I applaud CC for adding the responsive slider to the responsive suite of programs.

Steve Ravner on the Forums

Just had a quick play with the new product - gee it is great!

Peter Hyde on the Forums

I’m looking forward to making more use out of it than just a image slider... so much can be done!

Steve Kolish on the Forums

Just got the responsive slider. Incredible! Awesome!

John W Henriksen

Lovely Application

Mansour on the Forums

Many, many thanks for the great slider producer.

Karen Weilert on the Forums

I’m really liking RCS, especially since it has the same feel/interface as RSD, which makes transitioning between the two much, much smoother.

Jacob Moore

CC knocks my socks off again by allowing their content slider to be used independently with other software code.

Izzi on the Forums

Do it right — Use RCS

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