Because Website Access Manager works by adding and modifying .htaccess files, it is compatible with most any web design program, including Visual Site Designer, HTML Editor, and Shopping Cart Creator. However, if you use Microsoft FrontPage, you may encounter difficulties using Website Access Manager. For more information about using Website Access Manager with Microsoft FrontPage, read the following articles:

Keep in mind that .htaccess only works with Apache and Apache-compatible servers (including lighttpd and EhttpD), Website Access Manager comes with a built-in tool to help you determine if your server fits these requirements. Your server should have PHP 4.7 or higher installed in order to use this tool. Please note that PHP is not necessary for password protection, but it is used to check the server to ensure that it is running a compatible web server.

Note: If you are using a Microsoft-hosted server, you won’t be able to use Website Access Manager.