Shopping Cart Creator (Pro and Basic) and Shopping Cart Designer Pro are two different programs with two different sets of functions. They cannot be used interchangeably. If you want to have an online store, you have to use Shopping Cart Creator; if you want more control over how the store looks, you can use Shopping Cart Designer Pro with Shopping Cart Creator. You cannot create an online store using only Shopping Cart Designer Pro. Here's a bit more detail:

Shopping Cart Creator

Shopping Cart Creator is used to create your online store — hence the name ;). Here are all the things you can do with this program:

  • Add products and organize them into categories.
  • Configure payment, shipping, and tax settings.
  • Add product descriptions.
  • Apply a theme.
  • Provide text and meta information for custom pages in your shop.

Basically, you use Shopping Cart Creator to fill up your shop with content and work with the behind-the-scenes settings.

Shopping Cart Designer Pro

With Shopping Cart Designer Pro, you're working solely with the store design. You use it to control the appearance of your shop, not any of the content. (That's what Shopping Cart Creator's for, remember?) Here are a few of the things you can do in Shopping Cart Designer Pro:

  • Adjust the color, size, and style of borders.
  • Tweak text and link properties, including color, size, font face, and style.
  • Change the background of page elements to an image or a solid color.
  • Plus the ability to work with the margins and padding for the available page elements.

For more information about the capabilities of Shopping Cart Designer Pro, read What Exactly Can Shopping Cart Designer Pro Do?

We hope this clarifies things!