To use Website Access Manager, you should be running an Apache or Apache-compatible server (including lighttpd and EhttpD). Windows IIS platforms are not supported even if they are running a compatible sever. In order to run the server compatibility check, your server should also have PHP 4.7 or higher installed. PHP is not necessary for password protection, but it is used to check the server to ensure that it is running a compatible web server. Please note that if you are using a Microsoft-hosted server, you won’t be able to use this program. If your server is not compatible with this program, contact your hosting provider to see if they can provide an upgrade. You also must be able to connect over FTP. SFTP or LAN connections are not supported.

Note: It is extremely important to test your server to ensure that it is compatible with .htaccess. If it is not, Website Access Manager may not function properly. If this is the case, we recommend trying the program and testing it thoroughly before purchasing to ensure that it works as intended.

Note: If you are using FrontPage Extensions, you will need to disable them in order for Website Access Manager to work correctly. For more information about using Website Access Manager with Microsoft FrontPage, read the following articles: