Under the More Options tab, you'll find the Optional Fields area. You can use this area to set multiple values for a product. For instance, if you were selling T-shirts, you could use this option to designate different sizes or colors. Here's how to create a new optional field:

  1. Click the green plus sign icon. This opens the Enter Name window.
  2. Enter a name for your field, and then click OK
  3. Under the Optional Fields area, you'll see a chart with the default text "Enter field options..." Erase this text, and then enter your first option and the corresponding price. Repeat this step for as many options as you want to create. 

To delete a value, select it and click the red X icon, and to move it around within the list, use the up and down arrow icons. You are allowed up to five optional fields with as many values as you want. If you would like to apply an optional field you have configured to all the products in a given category, select the Enable optional field sharing checkbox.