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We’re proud to present to you Responsive Email Designer. The most versatile and flexible newsletter building program on the web.

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Newsletters need to work on (sm)all screens

We’ve all opened countless newsletters and marketing emails on mobile devices. You probably reached the same conclusion as we did: most newsletters, confirmation emails, invoices, receipt messages and so on, are very difficult to read, navigate, and click on smaller screens.

Then there are the mailings that solely rely on images…which don’t show (automatically) in most cases. These emails appear empty — they show NOTHING — in over 50% of all opens!

These are the main reasons we made Responsive Email Designer (aka RED). This unique and extremely powerful app is ready to make the life of email designers and developers a lot easier, and to make some serious dollars for every newsletter marketeer and email sender...

Email Example
No images, small letters and images. Examples of hard to decipher emails that will likely be ignored.

So, who takes the effort to decipher tiny, non-responsive, mails on a mobile? Right, most people won’t. The vast majority (some studies say 80%!) of these emails are simply deleted.

RED: the future of email marketing

With mobile devices dominating open rates, marketing emails and newsletters need the same display techniques as websites do. They need to be responsive, or they will be ignored. The good news? Crafting custom responsive emails and designing creative newsletter that display nicely everywhere is simple, and a pleasure, using RED.

Want to see how you would create a responsive email?
View Responsive Email Designer in action by checking out the cool video preview showcasing its powers.

Make RED Yours

Whether you’re creating confirmation or receipt emails, informative newsletters or big ticket marketing emails, RED has the tools you need to get the job done. It’s the only solution for designing custom responsive emails, and the app to have if you’re doing anything with newsletter design, email content creation, or HTML email sending.

* RED Personal is for individuals and small companies.

** RED for Business is for companies and the skillful.

To help spark your email making creativity, we are also including 15 gorgeous theme designs. Yep, for free. So whatcha waiting for? Get RED today and show the world what you can do!

RED for Business or Personal…or Both??

Email clients use different rules for displaying an HTML email. RED is built on a rock solid foundation assuring that emails display consistently across devices. On top of that RED for Business uses the design principal “progressive enhancement” to improve the design for supporting clients. We explain what this means further in this detailed article.

Tip: Having access to both versions with an extra license comes in handy for those times you want to do speedy edits or when you (or your employee) want to design using just the basics.

Studies confirm that mobile-friendly emails outperform non-responsive emails on all fronts. The better user experience leads to increased opens, click-rates and consequently, sales.

Now go start responsifying your emails and newsletters.