Website Insight V3

Get detailed reports on your site’s content structure, meta data, social visibility and more

Our wildly popular site analysis app just got a super boost! It’s the app with SEO X-Ray vision so you can see just how the search engines are interpreting the content in your site, or the sites you work on. And with V3 you can export, customize and even brand these reports:

Create Reports with V3

A small investment in this app provides you with a huge return! You see, analyzing elements such as keyword usage, meta data, social visibility and potential issues will help you pinpoint just what to fix to get a higher search rank, improved visitor friendliness, and save money on ads.

This weekend, start evaluating your websites with Website Insight V3 for only $39:

Add 15 report templates that can be customized, printed and shared for just $19 more »

Website Insight is packed full of useful tools such as:

  • A Project Manager (save your scans in a single file view your progress over time.)
  • Analytical Overview (examine content including word count, link counts, and header text.)
  • Social Media Stats (view your visibility with popular social networking sites.)
  • Keyword Breakdown (analyzing word utilization and distribution.)
  • Track Issues (broken links, missing tags, forgotten meta data and alt texts.)
  • Visibility Factors (checks the use of valid code and design practices.)
  • In-Depth Guidance (details on how to fix any potential problems that may be found.)
  • Site Keywords Tab (compare your keywords across multiple pages)
  • Batch Page Analysis (scan multiple pages at a time with your sitemap URL)

Plus, in the new V3 we've added new, and tweaked existing, tools to help you better analyze sites and pages. This includes fresh recommendations to keep up with the most recent SEO trends, improved scanning speed and accuracy, reporting on CSS linked images, and more.

Happy reporting :)

*Bummer this app is currently only available for Windows. Want it for Mac? Let us know on social media.