Website Insight V3

Create & share custom SEO reports

Fantastic news. Ever since the release of Website Insight there’s been one feature request we’ve heard non-stop: the ability to export the data and generate custom, printable reports. Now the wait is over!

Customize and brand reports like this
Custom Reports

You’ve missed quite a bit since the original release of Website Insight. We've added all sorts of new tools to help you better analyze sites and pages. We compiled a summary of the new additions and improvements since the V1 release below.

The next 7 days we’re giving you the chance to get the additions you missed in V2, plus everything in V3, including the awesome report module for just $39 (normally $79). As a bonus we’re adding 15 complimentary report templates (normally $19). Each is HTML-based (and responsive), and can be customized, personalized, published, printed and shared. Wow!

Upgrade to V3 now and get this pack for free (normally $19).

Here's some of the good stuff added in V2 and V3

  • Batch page analysis (scan multiple pages at a time with your sitemap URL)
  • Site keywords tab (compare your keywords across multiple pages)
  • Increased scanning speed times (everything is much faster now)
  • New search visibility (checks for semantic data)
  • Social media settings (define the URL for your social media sites)
  • New file and image compression tool (take less room on the server)
  • Includes reporting on CSS linked images (get the data in a components breakdown)
  • Refined domain age reporting (for more TLDs)
  • Added DOCTYPE selector (choose HTML 5 or 4.01 in the Meta Data Generator)
  • Handy re-scan options (what a time saver!)
  • New helpful actionable recommendations (to keep up with the most recent SEO trends)

And this is just a small taste! View the massive list of additions that have been released over the last couple of years over in the forum. We found a broken link and images missing on our site when testing V3, what will you find out following the upgrade?

Happy reporting :)