Website Insight is a hot new tool for analyzing and improving your website’s search engine visibility and visitor’s friendliness. Some might call it SEO software, but in reality, it is a tireless buddy that will be of tremendous help for any website, existing or new.

Included in the latest version of Website Insight, there are three powerful tools; Meta-Data Generator, Image Compressor and File Compressor. Our Meta-Tag Generator helps you add META information like descriptions, keywords your page and the Image Compressor & File Compress take your images and files and reduce their file sizes which make them download faster in your browser.

File and Image Compressor Tools

Speed is a big ranking factor with the search engines, so you want your website to load as quickly as possible. Compressed files take less time to load and, therefore, speed up your website and your visitor’s experience. It is a simple process that can have a positive impact on your overall SEO.

You may have heard the term "Lossless Compression" or "Lossy Compression." These compression methods attempt to minimize the distortion as much as possible while still preserving image clarity by looking at the pixels found in the picture and grouping the same-colored ones together. The best part about this is most changes cannot even be seen with the naked eye. Whereas with minification (for files) is the process of removing unnecessary characters from your markup like spaces, new lines, and tabs; thus improving load times.

Just drag your pictures (or website project files) into the program and click Compress Files and that is it! How cool is that!

Download Free File Compressor Tool Download Free Image Compressor Tool

Meta Tag Generator

Meta tags are a way to provide additional information about your page. This information is not displayed on your page and is used primarily for search engines and other services to gain a bit more information about the page they are looking at. Years ago this was the primary way search engines indexed your site, but due to over abuse, these play only a small role in SEO today. That, however, does not make them any less important to include on any page.

Meta data is broken down into two areas META and HTTP-EQUIV. While META tags provide a way to add additional information about your page, HTTP-EQUIV's provide a way to change how a page interacts with your browser when it is loaded. Many of these features can be done at the server level, but for hosting services that do not allow you to add your own functions, these give you a way to do this on a per page basis. Think of it as a "server override" function.

Download Free META-TAG Generator Tool


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Why not? CoffeeCup firmly believes in helping everyone make the great sites, so we are offering you these tools as stand-alone applications for FREE to aid you in making your website the best that it can be. It is just good Karma. :-) These tools are just a small part of what Website Insight can help you accomplish. Download a fully functional trial and start scanning your website today.

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