It only takes a moment to get your workspace set up. With so many ways to start a new project, the option you need is a click or two away. Start with a clean slate using the Quick File option, or get a head start by opening a new project from a template or files that are already on your computer.

Already have a site on the web? You can start a new project in your local workspace using the files that are on your web server. Just choose the New Project From Server option and let the app download your content and get you set up.

Your HTML files know which CSS files are part of the family. This means that Web Editor smartly displays CSS rule suggestions when you’re adding them to your code—and which HTML elements to suggest in your CSS files.

You can name CSS classes anything you want (but you might forget what you named them!) That’s where a list of suggested classes comes in. Rather than having to remember the exact spelling, they’re displayed in a convenient list for you. Just choose the one you’re looking for.


Chapter 2: Getting Started

Chapter 3: Blocks and Cursors

Chapter 4: Bookmarks

Chapter 6: Searching

Chapter 7: Server Management

Chapter 8: Plugins

Chapter 10: Themes

Chapter 11: Preferences

Chapter 12: Keyboard Shortcuts