You can perform the most commonly used functions in the Web Editor using keyboard shortcuts. The full list of shortcuts can be accessed from within the program by going to Help > Keyboard Shortcuts…

Below is a complete list of all the keyboard shortcuts available in the program:

File Management

  • New File: Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Quick File: Cmd+N
  • Quick Project: Shift+Cmd+N
  • Open File: Cmd+O
  • Open Project: Shift+Cmd+O
  • Save File: Cmd+S
  • Save File As…: Shift+Cmd+S
  • Close File: Cmd+W
  • Close All: Shift+Cmd+W
  • Print: Cmd+P


  • Undo: Cmd+Z
  • Redo: Shift+Cmd+Z
  • Copy: Cmd+C
  • Cut: Cmd+X
  • Paste: Cmd+V
  • Select All: Cmd+A


  • Open Bookmarks Window: Ctrl+Cmd+B
  • Toggle Bookmarks: Cmd+D
  • Previous Bookmark: Shift+Cmd+B
  • Next Bookmark: Cmd+B
  • Previous Bookmark in Document: Ctrl+Shift+B
  • Next Bookmark in Document: Ctrl+B


  • Toggle Foldable Blocks: Cmd+K
  • Move Selected Block Right: Tab
  • Move Selected Block Left: Shift+Tab
  • Move Selected Block Up: Ctrl+Cmd+Up arrow
  • Move Selected Block Down: Ctrl+Cmd+Down arrow
  • Select Rectangular Block: Alt+Mouse Selection, Alt+Shift+Arrow Keys
  • Select Multiple Blocks: Command+Mouse Selection


  • Place Multiple Cursors: Command+Click
  • Place a Range of Cursors: Alt+Mouse Selection, Alt+Shift+Up/Down Arrow Keys


  • Find & Replace: Cmd+F
  • Find in Currently Selected File: Cmd+T
  • Find in Open Files: Alt+Cmd+F
  • Find in All Files: Shift+Cmd+F
  • Find Next: Cmd+G
  • Find Previous: Shift+Cmd+G
  • Find Selected Text: Cmd+E
  • Jump to Selection: Cmd+J


  • Show/Hide Project Area: Ctrl+Shift+1
  • Show/Hide Preview Area: Ctrl+Shift+2
  • Show/Hide Left/Top Editor Area: Ctrl+Shift+3
  • Show/Hide Right/Bottom Editor Area: Ctrl+Shift+4
  • Show Left/Top Editor Area Only: Ctrl+Cmd+3
  • Switch to Project Explorer: Cmd+1
  • Switch to Preview Pane: Cmd+2
  • Switch to Left/Top Editor: Cmd+3
  • Switch to Right/Bottom Editor: Cmd+4
  • Move Rear Window to the Front: Cmd+`
  • View Open Files: Ctrl+Tab
  • Hide Web Editor Windows: Cmd+H
  • Hide Other App Windows: Alt+Cmd+H
  • Minimize: Cmd+M
  • Toggle Full Screen (OS 10.7): Ctrl+Cmd+F
  • Special Characters: Cmd+Alt+T

Included Plugins

  • Tidy HTML: Ctrl+Alt+B
  • Tidy CSS: Shift+Cmd+C
  • Validate PHP: Ctrl+Shift+V


  • Preferences: Cmd+,
  • Quit: Cmd+Q