Among the many incredible tools found within our HTML Editor, the Font Wizard is a great tool to enhance your page design.  You can find the Font Wizard under the Format tab.

When clicked, this window appears:

The Font Wizard is a very simple tool to use which will help you configure the font types that will be added to your chosen page. This font code will be inserted to the left of the Doctype. :D

  1. This is the Font list. This is a list of all available fonts on your computer. Note that the first three fonts you click will be added as Fonts 1, 2, and 3, respectively. This can also be chosen by clicking the font and then proceeding to click Add as Font 1, 2, or 3.
  2. This is where Font 1 is chosen. This is the font that your webpage will ideally use as its first choice.
  3. This is where Font 2 is chosen. This is the font that your webpage will attempt to use if visitors do not have the first font installed on their computer.
  4. This is where Font 3 is chosen. This font will be used instead of the two previous font choices if they are not installed. It is best to use Web Safe fonts for all of your projects, but if you want to be daring with the first two font choices, then make sure Font 3 is a common font type. This will ensure that your visitors are viewing your site in the manner that you have intended!
  5. The Generic area allows you to pick your Font Styles. The available choices are Serif, Sans Serif, Fantasy, Monospace, and Cursive.
  6. This is where you choose your Text Position. You can choose Normal, Subscript, or Superscript. Superscript places text to the top right of the main text (like elevating the "st" in "1st.") By contrast, Subscript creates the same size of text on the lower right portion of the main text.
  7. This is where your Font Color is selected. Just click the drop-down box and select your color from the wide variety available!
  8. This is where you select any Effects you wish to use. You can choose Bold, Italicize, Underline, or Strike Through!
  9. This is where your Font Size is selected. You can choose sizes 0-7.

Once you have defined your exact style, just click OK and the created code defining your style will be added to your site. It's that easy! :D