Typically, you can uninstall the software with the uninstaller in the program menu by going to: Start > Programs > CoffeeCup Software > APP NAME > Uninstall

If you are having trouble doing it that way, you can also use the Windows uninstaller by going to: Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs and select the program from the list.

If neither of the above work and you are still getting errors, try reinstalling the program and then run the uninstaller again.
If all of these options do not work for you, then more than likely it is a problem with the registry on your system, and the only option would to remove the software manually. Below is a guide that can help you do this, but it should be stressed that you should only do this as a last resort. Modifying the registry can cause serious problems with your computer, so you should proceed at your own risk, as we cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong.

It is strongly recommended that you back up your system, just in case something goes wrong.

Program Group
Remove the application's program group directory.
You will need to find out where the program was installed and right click the program in the Start menu to get its properties.
Depending on which program you are uninstalling, the program group is likely to be something like:
C:\Program Files\CoffeeCup Software\CoffeeCup Web JukeBox\CCjukebox.exe

While it is tempting to delete the directory in the above examples, it is strongly suggested that you rename it. Add '.old' to the directory name. This will have the same impact as if you deleted it. If after a few days or weeks of running your computer without problems then you can proceed to delete the old directory.

Most applications store information in the registry. If you feel confident, then you can also attempt to remove this data from the registry.
If you are not confident making changes to the registry then don't. Deleting data from the registry should be regarded as an optimization -- it is not essential. A mistake deleting from the registry can render your machine unusable. So only proceed if you are confident. Data for an application is typically held in the registry key:
CoffeeCup Software
CoffeeCup Software\
CoffeeCup Web JukeBox
where "CoffeeCup Software" and "CoffeeCup Web JukeBox" are the corresponding names in the Program Files directory as in the program group above.

As with program folders, it is suggested that you initially rename the "CoffeeCup Web JukeBox" (or "CoffeeCup Software") registry folder by adding a ".old" extension. This will allow you to undo the change if you need to. If you don't encounter any troubles after a few days then you can delete the old files.

Start menu shortcuts
Delete any shortcut folders and icons to the software.

Windows folder
Software applications will put dlls and other files in the Windows directory. This is usually either "C:\WinNT" or "C:\Windows" depending on the version of Windows.

There is no easy way to figure out which files in the Windows directory are unique to the software. We suggest that you just leave this alone, as you may accidentally delete something that Windows will need for other programs.