Inventory tracking is a powerful function that allows you to keep track of your inventory and automatically displays a “sold out” message to your visitor when the last of an item has been sold. Here’s how it works:

First, choose when Shopping Cart Creator Pro will deduct items from your inventory: Either when a customer attempts to purchase an item, or when your payment provider confirms that a transaction has been completed.

Next, go to the More Options tab for each product and set the current quantity under the Inventory section. You can also choose to display this inventory in your store online. Click the Inventory button on the main toolbar to update the inventory totals in the software with what has been sold on your website (and be sure to check these numbers carefully.)

Note: Since things can happen outside of the control of Shopping Cart Creator Pro (e.g. a transaction may be reversed or your chosen payment provider may not send transaction confirmations), you should verify the inventory reported in the software matches your actual inventory often.

ProTip: Use the Product Grid to view all your inventory counts at once!