Which app is right for you

We offer several different responsive design apps for users of all skill levels - from the code-masters to the beginners. With so many options available, you may not know which one is right for you. We have put together a little comparison guide to help you find your perfect match.

The apps below allow you to build responsive websites with a flexible core that can adapt based on the viewer’s screen size. We take pride in saying that all the code is extremely clean, so it is easy to manually edit your creations, hook it up with a backend, or pass off the work to a client or designer.

Code-free website design options:

Most popular app loved by everyone: Responsive Site Designer

RSD is perfect for anyone who wants to build device-agnostic websites without having to dive into the code. This app offers a friendly drag-n-drop workflow, comprehensive clickable style controls (including Flexbox), and a super helpful integrated web inspector. People also dig the app because it is powered-up with custom breakpoints, pre-built components, and symbols for global content updates. It also comes preloaded with several themes to jumpstart your projects and teach you a thing (or three).

This app reigns supreme as it includes both the Foundation and Bootstrap frameworks. This is perfect if you have clients or projects that are framework specific because you can effortlessly bounce between them without having to juggle multiple apps. These two frameworks are a massive hit among developers because they have JavaScript plugins so you can add interactive components for navigation, slideshows, toggles, and much more without the hassle of external libraries.

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The cool kid on the block: Responsive Foundation Framer

This app works a lot like RSD, but it is specifically targeted for people who want to make sites using Zurb’s Foundation Framework. It gives you all the power and flexibility of the Foundation 6 at your fingertips through intuitive visual controls. This framework has less default styles applied to elements and only has two default breakpoints which makes it easier to dive into. But of course you can always add in extra breakpoints wherever your content calls for it. :)

Foundation Framer is a mobile-first workflow. This means you will start your projects for smaller screens first and work your way towards the largest screen size. Designing with this technique really helps you examine your content and focus on what is most important. Learn more about these abilities.

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One of the top frameworks on the web: Bootstrap Builder

This front-end design program combines the popular Bootstrap 3 (and 4 alpha) frameworks with our signature code-free workflow. Visual CSS controls, width slider, custom breakpoints, unit switcher, flexbox, components, symbols…all combined with Bootstrap 3 + 4.

This specific framework has a huge following among designers. Using their heavily styled default settings, make building a projects a speedy process. You can override these defaults with your own custom styles to ensure you break-free from the "sameness" of a Bootstrap design. The framework also includes more default breakpoints for more targeted devices. Yes, custom breakpoints can be added too!

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For code-connoisseurs:

The prototyping wizard: Responsive Layout Maker Pro

In a nutshell, Responsive Layout Maker creates responsive website prototypes (called a layout). Focusing on the structure of your site, you can drag-and-drop to build a strategy for your content. Without the distraction of style controls, you can experiment with different display sizes and new organizational options. If you’re working with clients, this app is ultra-helpful when mocking up a design on the fly.

Whenever you have a layout you’re ready to transform into a complete site, you can export the creation to any code editor to add your final content and design styles. You can also choose to start with a blank canvas based off our own framework; Coffeegrinder or Bootstrap frameworks and even open your projects using Responsive Site Designer.

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Code like a pro: The HTML Editor

Ready to go responsive but want total control of your code? This is your app! The HTML Editor is packed with over 46 responsive themes for crafting mobile-friendly websites, responsive slideshows, and professional HTML emails. It is a code editor featuring a split-screen preview which updates in real-time. This gives you the ability to see exactly what your webpage will look like as you code it.

This program is a code-only editor which means you would need to be familiar with, or ready to learn, HTML programming.

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