You might be surprised to learn that your site may not always loads/respond exactly the same for each visitor across mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Studies show that people are five times more likely to bail on a website that isn’t mobile friendly in favor of a responsive website. Depending on which device your visitors are using your website could respond differently -- and sometimes not for the better. The Performance Overview gives you a snapshot of the page’s overall behavior.

Pages are automatically scanned using all major devices like Nexus™, iPad™, iPhone™, and Android™. The viewport selector dropdown lets you examine the data from each system. This means you’ll no longer need to get your hands on every device or use pricey subscription services to review and test pages.

Summary Pane Tab
  1. Main toolbar: This toolbar holds the links for the app's reports and features.
  2. Scanned site dropdown: Here you will see a list of all the pages you have scanned. Use the dropdown to view page results and to move between them.
  3. Add a page: Want to scan a new page? You can do that by clicking on the + (add page) button.
  4. Scan Date dropdown: Travel through time by browsing past scans for current page selected.
  5. Viewport dropdown: You can switch between the different viewport options to compare how your page displays at the selected size. These can also be customized in the Preferences section.
  6. Summary bubbles: Click the bubbles to expand the report data.