Travel through time

Knowing how your website performs today is equally as important to see how it performs over a period of time. Not only can you see how your site behaved on a particular date, but you can also compare how it behaved on a particular viewport compared to other viewports on that date. Many changes are made to improve your website which many forget the subtle differences between modifications.

Why is this important? Most of us visit our website using our everyday computer without a thought of how others may access your website using mobile phones and tablets. Having the ability to look at your page from different scan dates and viewports will remind you on how well (or not so well) your changes have been.

Performance Tab
  1. Viewport selector: From this dropdown you can select the default viewport that you wish to use and select another to compare against.
  2. Metrics: Allows you to adjust the display graph to be based on Request, Size or Time.

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