Hi there and Long live the perpetual software license ........

This is the knowledgebase article about our new entitlements policy.

Right now, when you purchase our Site Designer software, you are purchasing a peperpetual license to use the current version and build number of our increasingly popular Site Designer Software. We call this a - buy once, use forever license. This means that all the work you create with the software can be used and modified FOREVER with the current Version and build number.

Also included with your purchase is ONE YEAR of free updates and support and the right to use both a windows AND mac OS version.

I know this really sounds too good to be true in a world where all the software companies (and everything else also for that matter) are switching to a "pay as you go" and/or a monthly subscription model. But there you have it, one year of receiving fresh builds of Site Designer as they become available. After the one year has expired, you may continue to use the last build you have downloaded, perpetualy.

So to enable this new licensing policy in the software, we are now asking you to login to the software with your coffeecup.com credentials. When you login, we check the date on which you purchased your Site Designer license, this is what we call your entitlement date. You have to login to Site Designer within 7 days of installing the software on your computer, after which you can use the software happily ever after.

What happens when my one year of free upgrades and support expire?

Then, we offer you the possibility to purchase another year of free upgrades for about 70% of the original license of the software. The great thing is that you may do this at any time after your one year of free updates has expired, immediately after the one year, or after one year and two months, or after 3 years. Once you purchase another year of free upgrades, you will be able to use the then current Version and build of the software which you can then continue to use in perpetuity or until the world ends, whichever comes first :-)

We hope this answers any questions you may have about or new licensing policy of Site Designer.