This is something we take really seriously. We’ve made the effort to ensure that every window, every function, every option, and every button is clear and easy to use. Whether you’re managing your store, editing products, setting up shipping, or adding a payment provider, Shopping Cart Creator Pro is supporting you with intuitive dialogs.

Total control over your shop information — sounds like a no-brainer, right? Well, if you’re using a hosted shopping cart solution, this isn’t necessarily the case. Getting your data out and moving to a different hosting provider can be close to impossible, and how do you create the always-important local backup of your store? With Shopping Cart Creator Pro, backups are automatically saved to your computer and your server. And switching to a different hosting provider is as simple as entering your server information and clicking the Publish button.

The end result: Working with Shopping Cart Creator Pro isn’t just easy, it’s a pleasure


Chapter 3: Managing Inventory

Chapter 5: Setting Up Payment

Chapter 6: Setting Up Shipping

Chapter 7: Setting up Taxes