To set up your shipping options, click the Shipping button in the Toolbar. This opens the Shipping tab in the Shop Settings window.



You have two shipping options: manual or weight-based. Here’s how to set up both kinds of shipping:

Manual Shipping

Enter the following information in the provided fields:




The shipping description displayed in the Shipping drop-down menu on your checkout page. You can use any description you want.

Minimum Charge

A fixed amount that will always be applied to the shipping costs.

Shipping Per Product

A fixed amount that will be applied to purchases where the customer has not selected one of the additional shipping options.

Handling Per Product

A fixed amount that you can charge in addition to the default shipping charge. Use this field if you want to charge extra for the materials or labor associated with shipping.

Require Customers to Select a Shipping Option Upon Checkout

Select this checkbox to make it mandatory for your customers to select a shipping option.

Weight-Based Shipping

If you decide to use weight-based shipping, your products must use the default weight unit. To set the default weight unit, go to the Your Shop tab > General subtab.

Here’s how to set up weight-based shipping:

1. Select Weight from the Shipping Calculations drop-down menu.

2. Select Normal Shipping from the Shipping Method drop-down menu, or click the green plus sign icon to add a new shipping method. This opens the Add Shipping Method window.



3. Enter a name for your new shipping method, and then click OK.

4. In the table area at the bottom of the window, scroll over to the far right and click Edit Range. This opens the Weight Ranges window.



5. In the provided fields, enter the weights that you would like to charge different rates of shipping for. The ranges must be incremental. When you are done, click OK.

6. On the left-hand side of the table area, click Edit Location. This opens the Locations window.



7. Click the green plus sign icon to add a custom location, or select from the predefined locations in the Predefined Lists drop-down. When you are done adding and editing locations, click OK.

8. Now that you are done setting up your shipping locations and weight ranges, you can enter prices in the table cells.