How is Responsive Site Designer different from Layout Maker?

Responsive Layout Maker is fantastic for all who like to get under the hood and work directly with code. RLM solves one of the biggest challenges in responsive design, having a flexible core which can adapt based on the viewer’s screen size.

In a nutshell, this app creates a responsive prototypes (called a layout). And it makes it easy to organize the content with site elements like headings, paragraphs, buttons, and images. Lay out all the elements on the canvas and arrange them in groups using spacing, colors, and proximity. Once you build the structure of your website in RLM, you'll then export to any code editor (like HTML Editor) to add your final content.


Planning makes perfect

A bit of planning helps you design a site with an authentic feel and message. Layout Maker was developed to help with this crucial step, and at the same time, to create the foundation — the device-agnostic layout — of the responsive site. Use it to arrange, rearrange, and explore new ways of presenting and prioritizing your content. Then adjust its appearance for every single screen size.

Responsive Site Designer has all this and more but allows you to add the design layer visually without having to dive into the code. It can not only import your RLM project, but it can also build the structure of your website as well. This means you do not have to export your RSD project into a code editor to add your final styles.

RSD has real-time preview of images with content editing (that RLM Pro does not have). This feature alone was worth the additional purchase. Thank you!
— Kingsley Smith

The unique Site Designer builds on top of the responsive foundations created by Layout Maker, adding 40+ new controls and settings for designing complete sites. Apply 3D effects and transitions, round out corners, add shadows and impress visitors with cool photographical backgrounds. Plus there are additional elements for custom HTML scripting and responsive images, new control panes for adding keywords and meta data, and an integrated web inspector so you can see the CSS and understand what’s happening at every breakpoint.

And that's just the start...

RSD offers intuitive controls for creating stunning site designs. These tools give you the power to:
  • Manage state functionality (add styles for hover, active, or visited)
  • Add and preview images directly within the design (see your images as you work)
  • Work with multiple backgrounds (use images or set cool gradients)
  • Apply text and box shadows (to give the design more dimension)
  • Use responsive images (swap out images at a breakpoint for more lightweight sizes)
  • Round out corners using border radius (it just takes a couple of clicks)
  • Create powerful visual effects (Use CSS3 properties such as translate, rotate and skew)
  • Style your text using Google fonts (your website will love this)
  • Insert snazzy font icons (over 1200 sweet icons graphics included)

There’s way to many new things to list here, so we made a feature chart » with all the details.