Now that you have all this information about your website, we are sure you are asking yourself "What do I do now?". Sifting through pages and pages of SEO books can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming. This is why we have put together a list of potential problems found on this page along with some suggestions on how to correct and improve things. Making these changes will help you get on the path to having not only a better website, but also help boost your rankings in the search engines. We put together an SEO Resources page in case you would like to read more.

When we created Website Insight, we had a specific idea of what things were important and what would we really like to know about the page we are analyzing. Over 70 individual data points are being checked each time you analyze the page from in-depth keyword analysis and validation to website health checks and social media visibility. Whether your site is large or small makes no difference, Website Insight can tackle even the most complicated website.

We have separated our recommendations into 3 areas, Urgent, Moderate and Minor according to the immediate nature of the issues.

From Urgent to Minor you’ll find all the suggested changes we’ve compiled according to the scan that Website Insight has completed. If there were any issues found you’ll find suggestions on editing or correcting them to increase your search engine visibility. We’ve separated the recommendations by urgency for you so you can attack the most important ones first. You’ll also find areas that have links to more information or places to give you a more detailed explanation of changes needed on your page or site.

Recommendations Tab

Urgent Issues: These should be addressed first being #1 priority.

  • Missing Images: There are some missing images that are linked throughout your website in either your HTML or CSS files.
  • Broken Links On Website: Scans your page for Dead Links and reports any it finds.
  • Excessive Download Times: Checks to see if your page loads in 5 seconds or less.
  • Usage of frame sets: Checks your site for the usage of frame sets.
  • SSL Check: Checks to see if your website is using an SSL.
  • Keyword Missing in Header Text: Checks to make sure if your Keywords are included in your Header tags (<h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags).
  • Keyword Missing in Link Text: Checks to make sure if your Keywords are included in your link text.
  • Low Keyword Density: Checks to make sure your most important Keywords cover 2 - 8% of your content.
  • Uppercase Link Text: Checks all links to see if any contain an uppercase.
  • Missing Description Tag: We could not find the description meta tag on your page.
  • Missing Title Tag:We could not detect the title meta tag on your page.
  • No Header Tags Found: Checks to make sure your page includes <h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags.
  • Semantic Data: Runs a check on the page looking for any Semantic code on your page.
  • Excessive Server Response Time: Checks to see if it took over 5 seconds for your server to initially respond to our request to analyze your page.
  • Website is not Responsive: We did not find any indicators that your website is responsive.
  • Safe Browsing: Checks your site and flags your page/site as suspicious or possibly containing malware or other malicious content if it finds anything that resembles it.
  • Large Number of Server Requests: Tells you if your page requests are 20 or more.
  • Missing Sitemap: Your site is missing a site map. Do not have a sitemap yet? Use CoffeeCup Sitemapper and create our sitemap instantly.
  • Spaces in Link Text: Checks for any spaces found within your links. This helps eliminate 404 errors.
  • Underscores In URL: (_)'s in your links are scanned and reported if found.

Moderate Issues: These problems, while not as severe, are still important factors that you need to consider implementing or correcting.

  • Browser Caching Not Enabled: Your site is not caching any files.
  • CSS @import Rule Detected: We have found a @import rule in your CSS.
  • CSS File Does Not Validate: Checks to make sure your CSS page validates through the W3C.
  • HTML File Does Not Validate: Checks to make sure your HTML page validates through the W3C.
  • Usage of <iframe>’s: We detected iframs on your site, are they really needed?
  • Large Image Sizes: Checks to make sure the image size of each of your images on your page is not over 100k.
  • Large Page Size: Checks the file size for this page is to make sure it’s not over 50 kb. We have a great list on ways to improve your page load times.
  • Low Index in Bing and Google: Your page has a low index rating in Google and Bing.
  • Low Amount of Words Found On The Page: Whoops, check this page and see if this was overlooked.
  • Multiple <h1> Tags Found: It is recommend only having one, however you can have more.
  • Compress Your Files: Your files could use a little compacting!
  • Missing ALT Text: Checks your site to make sure each of your images includes an ALT tag and that it is not blank.
  • Missing Link Text: You seem to be missing some link text on this page.
  • Nested Tables: Checks to see if your site is using nested tables.
  • Missing robots.txt file: Your site is missing a robots.txt file.
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    • Twitter Followers

Minor Issues: Things that we find here warrant some additions, removals, adjustments or pondering on their necessity.

  • Missing Favicon: Your site does not have a favicon.
  • Missing iOS Home Screen Icon: Your site does not have an Apple Home Screen icon.
  • Low Amount of Internal Links: Checks to make sure your page has enough links to other pages of your site.
  • Domain Age Credibility: Checks to see how long ago your domain was originally registered.
  • No External Links: Checks your page to see if there are any links to other websites relevant to your site content.
  • Text Emphasis: Checks to make sure you are using the tags 'strong’ and 'em' to emphasize the importance of your keywords or phrases.