The HTML Editor gives you a ton of different options for previewing your work. After all, it’s good web design practice to view your website in several different browsers to ensure cross-browser compatibility, so we made sure to give you plenty of different ways to test your pages, retest them, and test them again just to be sure.

FYI, the most popular browsers are Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari, so you should make sure your website looks good in all of them — yep, all of them. Use these links to download these browsers and install them on your computer:

  • Firefox:
  • Internet Explorer:
  • Opera:
  • Google Chrome:
  • Safari:

And now, onto the many ways you can preview your work in the HTML Editor!

Split-Screen Preview

This is a fully functional, built-in browser (Internet Explorer) that allows you to preview your work in a browser area below the Code Editor. To access it, go to View > Split-Screen Preview or press F12.

Split Screen Preview

External Preview

The External Preview window is the same fully functional, built-in browser as the split-screen preview, but it can be detached from the HTML Editor workspace to give you more coding room. This is great if you have a second monitor, because you can leave it open in the second display at all times. To access it, go to View > Toggle External Preview.

External Preview Window

Preview Tool

The toolbar has a Preview button that can be used to access two excellent options for previewing your site on the web. One involves a quick no-hassle upload to S-Drive to create a preview that will last for three days, while the other uses actual browsers installed on your computer.

Quick Live Preview

The HTML Editor will put your site on the web with a single click.

Quick Live Preview Window

How is this possible? Through the powers of S-Drive, of course! If you want to see your website online using a safe URL that no one else will know about, click the Preview toolbar icon and choose Quick Live Preview. Your website will be uploaded to a temporary S-Drive account without requiring any FTP or S-Drive setup from you!

Click or copy the link that the Quick Live Preview provides to see your site on the web. The link will only work for three days.

Local Preview

To access your website from your own computer, click the Preview toolbar icon, choose Local Preview, and pick a browser to test with.

Since the built-in browsers are Internet Explorer, the HTML Editor offers the option to add up to 10 additional browsers for previewing your work. To add these browsers, go to Tools > Preferences > Browser Testing tab.

Browser Testing Tab
Select a Browser

Select the slot under Tools > Additional Browsers where you would like the browser to appear.

Display Name

Enter the desired display name for the browser.

Application Location

Use the Browse icon to browse your computer for the .exe file for the browser you want to add. To remove a browser, click the Remove icon. To preview your work in any of the additional browsers you have added, go to Tools > Additional Browsers and select the browser you want to use.