Free projects, cool discount and a sneak peek

As we glide into the remaining months of 2014, we’re bringing you some cool freebies and a glimpse of what’s to come. And if you missed last week’s deals, don’t fret — we have a special discount waiting below.

His mischief is your gain — Nice!

The Gatekeeper has been pretty creative these days, whipping up a mobile-first responsive website. It seems he somehow got his bony hands on a pre-release version of Responsive Site Designer... So far, his favorite features are the responsive image functions. Insert pictures, and use breakpoints to swap them out for lighter or different versions. Even zoom-in to focus attention on a certain area when viewed at smaller screen widths, cool!


Waiting for Responsive Site Designer?

You really should start dipping your toes into the responsive waters with Layout Maker today. Begin prototyping your flexible design right away and explore new ways to best display your message. You’ll have the responsive techniques mastered and be able to hit the ground running (yes, you will be able to import your work into RSD!) once this highly anticipated app becomes available.

Also, RSD will be release exclusively to RLMP owners, at least initially (for many reasons, but mainly because a content-driven workflow makes sense...). Ready? Let’s GO!

➠ Get Started With Responsive Design Today For Only $99 ➠

The Gatekeeper’s been nice enough to summarize how he made his content-based prototype in Layout Maker before adding fancy design elements with RSD. Check out the site » and see the responsive actions by giving it a squeeze. Then read about his claimed involvement in the creation of the Web (you’ll get a good laugh at his parody) and grab the free wireframe and theme files down at the bottom. »

The Gatekeeper’s responsive site that brags about his mischievous antics.
free resopnsive layout maker project

And that’s not all. We have some more cool updates on their way for beloved apps like Access Manager plus a super-secret app which we can’t mention now (can’t have the Gatekeeper find it and spill the beans early.)

Hold up — don’t forget your discount...

If you’re shopping for an app, then we have a treat for you. Head over to our shop » and pick up the app you need while saving 25%. Just enter the discount code BEAN25 at checkout and collect your savings — sweet!

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