Optimizing Your Links

Just as Inbound links are important, internal linking structure can have a large effect on how your pages will rank in search engines. For optimal performance we recommend using a text navigation with the <title> attribute on all links. The keywords you use in your links will be of great benefit if you have many pages.

Try to keep the number of links on any one page limited to 40 or less. This will allow each link to carry a reasonable degree of significance. Each page on your website should have a text navigation menus which will allow the spider to easily crawl from one page to another. All pages on your website should accessible from anywhere with a maximum of 2 clicks.

Instead of using linking such as "click here", be sure to use descriptive text for each page. If you have more than 100 pages on your website you have some control over how you can target keywords, so be sure to use all the power you have!