We all know that WordPress one of the most popular content management system out there. Users are often overwhelmed with the idea of installing Wordpress thinking that the process is overly complicated when in fact the process is relatively painless; well for the most part that is. ;)

The good news is almost all of the major hosting providers out there allow you to install WordPress right within their hosting control panel with few clicks. Under most circumstances, installing WordPress is a relatively straightforward and takes less than five minutes to complete the installation process. These hosting providers bellow all offer WordPress installations with automatic installs. All that is required is to answer a few questions and set up your accounts, and they do the rest. No muss, no fuss!/p>

Hosting Providers that offer Wordpress

Manually Installing Wordpress

Unlike using your hosting provider to install WordPress, you may wish to install it on your own server which gives you greater control and flexibility. WordPress and gone and done an amazing thing and wrote an awesome installation article that walks you through how to do everything. From download and installation to setup and configuration, they have covered it all.

Head over to WordPress's website for the full setup instructions.