Here is one of the most important overviews of the program. The Insight Tab lists and categorizes all the text and link elements of a web page. You will be given an overview of the words found in header containers, link and more. Any broken links will be reported as well (really handy!)

Insight Tab
Features of the Insight Tab:
  • Words: The total number of words found in the body section of your page.
  • Internal Links: The number of links on your page that link to other pages in the same domain. Linking to other pages within your website makes it easy for search engines to visit and index these pages.
  • External Links: The Number of external links on your page going to other websites that are relevant to yours. Broken Links: Number of links on your web page that are considered "dead links" because they lead to error pages or non-existent pages.
  • Header Text: Number of Header text tags (<h1>, <h2> and <h3>) contained in your web page.
  • Text Emphasis: Number of <strong>, <b> and <em> tags your page contains.
  • Insight Breakdown: Provides a more in-depth look into each of the items listed above.