Yep! There are several ways to import users into Website Access Manager.

Just go to File > Import.

Import Window

Here you will find the four different import options offered in WAM.

Import from your computer

This option allows you to import a user from a CSV or text document located on your local hard drive. Click the File icon to browse your computer for the desired .csv or text file. When you’re done, click Open, and the username-password combinations will be automatically added to your database.

Import from your computer Window

Import from the web

This option allows you to enter a web based URL to locate your CSV or text document. Simply enter the URL to the file and press Next.

Import from your server

If your CSV or text file is located on the same server that WAM is protecting you can use this option to navigate your server tree to locate the needed file.

Server Tree Window

You can also import a CSV file from your server by locating the file in the directory tree and then right click on the file and select Import.

Import from MailChimp

That is right, you can import users from a MailChimp account using your API Key just like in Web Form Builder! To use this option, select it and click Next.

You'll need to enter a MailChimp API Key to proceed. If you do not have a MailChimp account you can create a free account today. To find this, go to the MailChimp website, sign in if you need to, and click the Account tab on the left of the site. Click API Keys & Authorized Apps, or click here.

MailChimp API Window

Matching the Fields

Now that you have selected the CSV or text file you wish to import all that is left is to match the fields of the CSV file with those in WAM.

Match Fields Window

The information listed on the left hand side of the Match Fields Window is the imported CSV information. On the right you can select the WAM field to match the CSV. Once you have matched the fields you wish to import click Next.

Note: At least one field must be matched before moving to the next step.

Server Permissions

This window allows you to apply a mass server permission to all imported users at the same time. If all users have the same access it is recommended you apply that access here. If each user has different access however we recommend you skip this step and apply the permissions for each user manually. The choice is yours as this step is optional.

Server Permissions Window

Import Options

The last step of the import process allows for you to choose your import options. The default settings are recommended yet you can choose to change them.

Import Options Window