Google’s big algorithm update, the iWatch release & the new Site Designer

Predictions from our March 2014 article (link below) are rapidly becoming a reality. The Google ranking update that favors mobile-friendly sites is expected to cause the largest shake-up in years...

We predicted this in our 2014 article with the slight provocative title Websites need to Adapt or Die. Devices continue to become more diverse in size, and websites need to cater to all of them to be successful.

Websites that are problematic to use on smaller screens will end up with lower search rankings, attract fewer visitors, and over time steadily loose relevance.

Responsive sites are mobile friendly

Responsive design has proven to be the proper approach to creating websites that are mobile-friendly. And a layout that can adapt to any display width is the core, and most important part, of any responsive site.

With the continued growth of mobile internet traffic, Google takes a step that’s only logical. Their new algorithm, scheduled for roll-out April 21st, will favor sites that offer a smooth experience on mobile devices.

That’s why we first created Responsive Layout Maker. In view of the current developments, we feel now is the time to start talking about…Responsive Site Designer!

Time to get started

Responsive design might sound intimidating, after all, designing without fixed dimensions is unheard of in a physical world. However, with the intuitive CoffeeCup tools and a little bit of planning, these techniques will soon be as familiar as riding a bike…with the wind at your back.

Responsive Site Designer is very close to release, needing only final touches. However, considering the Google update, this highly anticipated app will be available to Layout Maker owners around mid-April no matter what.

The first step is to organize and structure the content. What site elements will there be, what are they about and what is the order of priority? This is an important step in the design process that will help to create a site and message with an authentic feel. Layout Maker is an excellent tool to do this with. Especially since these projects can be opened in the upcoming Responsive Site Designer where an additional design layer (borders, corners, gradients, imagery, etc.) can be added.

There’s no reason to delay, only numerous reasons to act right now. The best responsive workflow starts with the site's objectives and content, properly organized and responsified by Layout Maker. Plus, the exclusive RSD invitation will be coming your way around mid-April if you own either:

The difference between Basic and Pro?

The Pro version features a workflow familiar to front-end designers and developers. With custom classes & IDs, sub-grids, and advanced positioning controls, this version offers detailed control over all core aspects of a responsive design. If you ever wrote a few lines of CSS, Pro is the app you will want to own. The smaller brother (Basic) offers less granular control, but creates solid responsive layout designs with a minimal learning curve. You can always upgrade later too.

Need help getting your responsive design going?

We have an army of affiliated experts ready. They can help you convert your current site into a device-agnostic design, or get you started on something new. Just drop us a note within your account and we line up the experts that fit your needs. Just don’t delay, the time to act is today.