Want to add a cool Icon to your button? Well this is the place for that. The Icon Tab allows you to add Icomoon Webfonts. Yes, you read that correctly, these are fonts not images. Which means a reduction of your websites carbon footprint by reducing the file size, download time and rendering of your button. This will make everyone happy. You can also add your own icons under the My Icon section!




Here is where you can set your Icomoon Webfont icon or your very own pride and joy icon by clicking the + in the My Icons section! You can change the color and font size of an Icomoon Webfont icon as well.

You can also click the  icon to open the icon options menu.



From here you can narrow down your search by filtering out your icons. Choose the Default Icomoon Webfonts option to just show the Icomoon Webfont icons or choose My Icons to show the icons you have added to Button Builder. 

To add an icon you would select Add Icon and remove them using Edit list


Using the position setting you can manually change where your icon shows up on your button by adjusting x (left and right) and y (up and down).  


Make your icon standout by using the shadow feature. It adds a shadow to your icon allowing you to change the color, blur and position!

Add more Shadows

If you are Sciophobic you will not like this feature, but with a click you can add more shadows to your button.