There are several possible causes for this issue:

1. Have you tried refreshing your browser?

2. Have you tried deleting your temporary Internet files? To do this in Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options, and then click Settings under the Browser History section. Set the browser to "Automatically check for new versions," and only use the minimum cache size (8MB).

In Firefox, select Tools > Options > Advanced > Network tab, and then enter the minimum value for cache (5MB). Under the Privacy options, click the Settings for Private Data and check the Cache box. Set the browser to "Always clear my private data when I close Firefox." This will make sure the browser automatically dumps its cache when you close out the browser. You can set other information to delete when the browser is closed in the Private Data options as well.

If possible, try viewing the page from another computer, preferably one that has never visited the page before. If it appears incorrect on that computer as well, the issue most likely has nothing to do with caching.

3. Are you sure you have uploaded the files to the correct folder?

If you have answered all these questions and are still experiencing the issue, you may want to try deleting the old files and uploading the new ones.