If your web hosting provider grants you access to your Statistics, and you can view your HTTP Referrers, this can be very valueble information.

You can do a search through these statistics for Referrer URL's. Basically, your statistics will be able to tell you who referred someone to your website. (i.e. Where they were before they came to your website through a link).

You can find out how people came to your website, and what search terms took them here.

A typical Referrer URL in your statistics log could look like this:

1 0.01% 0 0.00% 4819 0.01% | /search hl=en lr= ie=UTF-8 oe=UTF-8 q="colorado boats"

This is valueable because it gives you an inside look on what people are searching for. It's also good because you can put your target keyword terms that the Control Panel tracks to match those keywords, so you can more accurately track your progress and ranking in Search Engines.