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The last pink newsletter for breast cancer awareness month:

You probably know that CoffeeCup is no stranger to philanthropy. In the spirit of helping others we felt this is a good opportunity to get you on the latest and greatest HTML Editor while we’ll be sharing the proceeds. This upgrade brings you the power of semantic data and good karma for helping others.

What’s so great about The HTML Editor V14?

Simple, this is the only editor that makes it easy to add Schema Markup (search engine friendly code) to websites. Helping them to better understand the site, business, content and intent can improve search ranking and clicks. The three top search engines continue to urge the use of this markup:

“ Mark Up Everything ” — Pierre Far, Google (at Pubcon 2014)

Here’s our proposal: You upgrade to V14.1 and get the power of Schema Markup for only $24, and our team donates $5 for every upgrade to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Deal?

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The lowdown on Schema Markup (aka as structured data)

To improve their understanding of website content, Google, Bing and Yahoo developed a common semantic language. This language, defined on schema-dot-org, enables them to interpret the meaning of a website or article. All without the help of human intervention. For example, let’s say you are looking for movie info.

If the company makes use of the schema vocabulary, like the example below from Search Metrics, then you can see data like ratings and actors in the search results. Theaters use this to showcase times or locations. Theaters that don’t use this markup might not show high in the results and will loose clicks and visitors.

Get better site indexing using schema vocabulary

Using structured data benefits businesses, organizations, and consumers, with better ranks or enhanced search results.

Want to read more? We’ve got a great article that explains further why this should be a top-priority for every website developer.

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improve search rank and support the cause