The newest version of Website Access Manager offers options that allow you to control many server-level functions that you can usually only work with using your hosting control panel. To access these options, click the Server Config button in the toolbar. This opens the Server Settings tab of the Advanced Settings window, where you can edit the following settings:

Set Time Zone

Select your time zone. This comes in handy if you are located in a different time zone than your server and would like time stamps to reflect your time and not the time in your server's location.

Default Language/Default Character Set

These options allow you to override the language and character in your HTML markup or to set them if they have not been defined. For example, say you want your pages to have a UTF-8 charset and a default language of U.S. English (en-us), but not all your HTML pages reflect this. You could go through and update each and every one of your HTML pages (yuck), or you could save yourself a bunch of work and set these options in Website Access Manager. 

Hotlink Protection

Use this tool to prevent other websites from using the images, videos, or other static content served on your website on their pages. This comes in handy if you want to protect your website content and save your server resources. Simply enter the file extensions (without periods) you want to protect, separating them with commas. For instance, if you wanted to prevent people from using your jpg images, MP3 files, and PDFs without your permission, you would enter this in the Hotlink Protection field: jpg, mp3, pdf

Realm Name

Enter the message you would like to appear in your login box here (e.g. "Members only." or "Please enter your username and password to continue.")

Server Administrator E-mail

Enter the e-mail address you use for logging and other system notifications on your server. This e-mail address will appear in any Apache error pages if a visitor tries to access something that isn't on the server (e.g. 403 and 404 errors, etc.).

Note: If you have selected a custom error page theme in Website Access Manager, the theme will appear instead. 

Prevent Directory Listing

Select this checkbox to prevent users from seeing the contents of your directory over HTTP. This option only applies if your default homepage (e.g. index.html, index.php) is missing.

Force SSL Connections

When this checkbox is selected, anytime someone accesses your website over HTTP, it will automatically redirect to HTTPS. 

Note: You must have an SSL certificate installed on your server for this option to work. If you don't, your users may receive an "Unable to Connect" error when they try to access your website.

Block Bad Robots

Select this checkbox if you would like to prevent known bad site harvesters from accessing content on your site. 

Disable Server Signature

Select this checkbox to prevent people from accessing your server information by querying your Apache header information. This gives your site an extra level of security.