Note: This feature is disabled in HTML Editor version 2009 and higher. However, you can still insert your own JavaScripts and save them as snippets. For more information about customizing your own snippets, read Using Snippets.

If you want to add a little spice to your page, JavaScript can go a long way. If you're a programming guru, this is no problem. But let's face it: Most folks don't have the time to learn yet another coding language. If you fall under this category of users, fear not — there are some great scripts built right into HTML Editor.

To access these built-in JavaScripts, click the Snippets tab on the left-hand side of the program, and then click the JavaScript icon in the top pane. Browse through the scripts, and when you see one that looks interesting, click it. This opens some handy instructions like these in the bottom pane:

Just put this script anywhere on your Webpage between the <body> tags and you will have a calculator for your visitors!

To implement a script like this, just position your cursor between the body tags and double-click the script name. Another script may have these instructions:

Put this portion of the script inside of your <head>

To implement a script like this, just position your cursor between the head tags and then double-click the script name.

If you would like to learn more about JavaScript, check out these resources:

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