Follow these steps to add an e-mail link to your page:

Step 1

Open the Insert E-mail Link window using one of these options:

  • Go to Insert > E-mail Link
  • Right-click the page and select Links > E-mail Link
  • Click the Links icon in the Code Editor toolbar and select E-mail Link
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E

These options open the Insert E-mail Link window, which allows you to insert an e-mail link and any associated attributes. When your user clicks on this link, their default e-mail client (Thunderbird, Outlook Express, etc.) will open with this e-mail address in the To: field.

Link Text

The text your user will click. By default, link text is blue and underlined. In the example given in the image above, the link text would look like this on your webpage:

Click here to get in touch.

E-mail Address to Link To

This is the e-mail address that will appear in the user's default e-mail client when they click the link text.


Whatever text you enter in this field will automatically appear in the Subject field in your user's e-mail client.

Show Statusbar Message on Mouseover

If you check this box, a description of the link will display in the Statusbar at the bottom of the web browser screen when your user holds their mouse over the link. This option is only enabled in Internet Explorer.

Web Browser Window Message

If you do decide to use a Statusbar message, type it in this field.

When you're done filling out all this information, click OK. The code will automatically be inserted wherever your cursor was positioned on your page. You can move it around by selecting it and dragging it to the desired location on the page.