Ready for some good news? You actually don't need to do anything special to upload your Website Project files to a specific folder on your server. When you upload a file from the My Websites tab, the file structure is automatically preserved.

Let's say you have a folder in your Website Project called images, and in this folder is a file called header.png. Now let's say you wanted to upload header.png to a folder on your server called images. All you'd have to do is right-click header.png and select Upload Selected Files. Website Projects will automatically upload the file into the images folder on your server in order to preserve the file structure from your Website Project. This ensures that all the relative paths are correct and that none of your images (or other document dependencies) will be referenced incorrectly.

What happens if there isn't an images folder on your server? Easy: Website Projects creates that folder for you.

If for whatever reason you really want to upload a file to a specific folder outside of the file structure in your Website Project, switch to the My Computer tab. Next, use the file browser to find and open your Website Project folder. From there, you can right-click a file and upload it to whichever folder on your server you want. We don't recommend using this method unless you really know what you're doing, since you could run the risk of messing up your relative links.

If you want to add a file to your Website Project, the proper way to do this is to locate it using the My Computer tab, right-click it, and select Copy File to Project > [Website Project folder where you want it to be stored]. Then you can upload your file from the My Websites tab.