If you are using any version of the HTML Editor lower than 2010 SE, you will have to manually install any themes you buy from our Theme Shop. Here's how:

  1. Download your HTML Editor Themes from your My Products page. The themes will be in .cct format.
  2. Change the format of the themes to .zip. You do this the same way you would change the name of the files — click the name, and then type in ".zip."
  3. Make sure the HTML Editor is closed.
  4. Unzip the themes using your favorite ZIP utility or by right-clicking the folder and selecting Extract All.
  5. Go to the following file path: C:\Program Files\CoffeeCup Software\Themes\. There, you’ll see a list of folders that correspond with the categories in the Theme Chooser. If you want to save your theme to one of these categories, drag and drop the extracted folder to the desired category. If you would rather create a new category for the theme, create a new folder, give it the name you want to appear in the Theme Chooser, and then drag and drop the extracted folder into this folder.
  6. Open the HTML Editor and click Start With a Theme. This opens the Theme Chooser. Select your theme and click OK.
  7. In the window that appears, select the Website Project where you would like to save the theme.
  8. Double-click the page you wish to edit, such as index.html, about-us.html, or contact-us.html. It will open in the Code Editor, and you will be able to modify it normally.

For more information about working with themes in the HTML Editor, check out these other Knowledge Base articles: