To use Website Access Manager, you should be running an Apache or Apache-compatible server (including lighttpd and EhttpD). To determine if your server is compatible with Website Access Manager, you can run the Server Compatibility Check in the New Profile wizard, or go to Tools menu > Check Server Compatibility. Please note that in order to use this tool, your server should have PHP 4.47 or higher installed. PHP is not necessary for password protection, but it is used to check the server to ensure that it is running a compatible web server.

To use this tool, just enter your website URL and click the Check if I’m compatible button.

You may also manually check your PHP settings. To do so, open Notepad and copy and paste this code into the document:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Now go to File > Save As and save the file as phpinfo.php. Make sure you change the Save as Type to All files. Now you will need to upload this file to your server using an FTP client like Direct FTP. Once the file is on the server, go there with your browser, and all the PHP information about the server will be displayed.

A final option is to contact your hosting provider and ask what your server is running.

Note: This step is extremely important! If your server is not compatible with .htaccess, Website Access Manager may not function properly. If this is the case, we recommend trying the program and testing it thoroughly before purchasing to ensure that it works as intended.