If you need to change the permissions of a file or folder on your server (a process also known as CHMOD), you can use the handy tools in Direct FTP.

First, select the file or folder whose permissions you wish to change. Next, click the Permissions button on the Remote toolbar.

This opens a window that allows you to change the permissions for the selected file or folder. You will see three options for three different groups of users. The options are read (the group has permission to read the file), write (the group can modify the file), and execute (if the file is an executable, the group can run the file). The three groups are Owner (you), Group (the group of users you belong to), and Users (everyone else in the world).

You will also notice the Hex field at the bottom of this window. This allows you to enter a numeric code to change the permission of the file, and can be useful if you are given instructions to CHMOD a file. For instance, if you are following instructions to add a guestbook on your server, and you are instructed use CHMOD 755 on a certain file, you would just have to enter 755 in the Hex field.