So there's a certain user who keeps spamming your website, or a range of IP addresses that causes nothing but trouble, and you want to make sure they can't access your website. No sweat! Just click the Restrictions button in the toolbar. This opens the Manage Restrictions tab of the Advanced Settings window.

Manage Restrictions tab of the Advanced Settings window
This area allows you to manage the restrictions for your website. You can restrict users by IP address, IP range, or domain name. Whenever a user from one of the specified IP addresses or domain names attempts to access your website, they will be redirected to an error page. Please note that it is extremely important that you enter IP addresses correctly! If you don’t, you run the risk of blocking everyone from your site.

The first step to restricting access to your website is to choose whether you want to grant access to or block access from the IP addresses you specify. Just select the radio button from the top of the tab that fits your needs. Next, click the Add button. This opens the Add IP or Domain window, which allows you to add a new IP address or domain name to the list.

Add IP or Domain window

When you're done entering the IP address or range or domain name, click OK. The information will be added to the list in the Manage Restrictions tab. Next, just upload your changes to your server, and you can say buh-bye to those annoying spammers!

Blocked spammer in the Manage Restrictions area