1. Product List view

Allows you to view and manage basic information about all your products and categories.

2. Product Detail view

Allows you to make in-depth edits to one product at a time, including name, images, short and long descriptions, font formatting, and pricing.

3. Product Grid view

Allows you to view and manage every element of your products and categories.

4. Product

An item you are offering for sale. You can edit basic information about the product — including name, image, short description, and pricing — in this area.

5. Basic Info tab

Allows you to edit basic information about a product, including name, short description, prices, taxes, shipping, and handling.

6. More Options tab

Allows you to enter additional information about your product, including weight, default quantity, product variables (e.g. size, color), and inventory information.

7. SEO tab

Allows you to enter meta keywords and descriptions for your shop.

8. Shop Settings window

Contains options for customizing the appearance and navigation of your shop, managing inventory, and setting up payment, shipping, taxes, S-Drive, and server profiles.