On the Font Properties tab you can set your font style and shadow settings, for both the Main Text and Secondary Text. 




Choose from a wide array of web safe fonts! Including Google Fonts! When using Google Fonts this allows for cross platform support of each font. This means the fonts will play nice no matter if someone is using a Mac, PC, Linux, tablet or a phone.


Choose between the settings for each font. These settings include bold, italic, underline, color and more.

Note: Some fonts have different settings, this all depends on what font offer which settings.


Here you can align your text left, center or right or manually using the x (left and right) and y (up and down) axis.


Make your text shine by using the shadow feature. Add a shadow and control the shadows location by using the x (Left and right position) and y (top and bottom position) settings. Blur is the amount of blur you wish the shadow to display, increasing this number makes the shadow wider and lighter, decreasing the number makes it darker and closer to the button.