Exporting is a little bit different than saving. When you save your project, Animation Studio creates an animated GIF at the same time using the frames you’ve selected. But to create a file that’s not an animated GIF, you need to export.

There are two reasons to export:

  • You want to turn your animation into a video file
  • You want to create an embeddable slide show

Exporting to video creates a single video file in the format you choose, which you then use however you wish. Exporting as a slide show is a little bit more advanced and requires that you put some code into an HTML file, but it’s really cool!

Export to Video

You can export your animation into two popular video formats. This gives you the power to create animations that can be shared as videos, which is useful on video-sharing websites like YouTube.

To export your animation as a video, you must first save the project. Then go to File > Export > Export to Video.



Select the format you’d like to export to. You can export to AVI and WMV, which are both widely supported on the Internet. The option you choose may have an impact on file size and quality, so if you’re not entirely happy with the results, try the other method.

Source File is the animated GIF that the video will be based upon.

Destination is the path to the exported video. If you want to save the video somewhere else, click the Change Destination button.

Now click Start. Give it a few moments, because video conversion is a resource-intensive process! When it’s done, the video will be in the destination you chose. You can now test and share your video.

Export to PNG Slide Show

You can create a slide show from your frames.

To export your animation as a slide show, you first need to save the project. Then go to File > Export > Export to PNG Slide Show. This processes your animation and opens this window:



At this point, your slide show is all ready to go. You just need to embed the code and upload your files.

Take the code from the box and place it in your HTML file where you want it to appear on the page. To do this, open the webpage you want your slide show to appear on in a code editor, click the Copy to Clipboard button, and paste the code into your code editor. Make sure the code goes between the

<body> and </body> tags or the slide show won’t be visible on the webpage. Save the file.

Connect to your web server using an FTP program (such as Direct FTP). Upload the HTML file you put the code in to the appropriate folder on your website.

Now upload the files from the folder shown at the bottom of the window to your web server. Click the Open Folder button and copy the entire contents of this folder to the same folder on your server that contains the HTML file you put the code in.

Your PNG slide show should now be visible on the web!